June 24, 2008

The Final Solution, by Michael Chabon

Found in a pile of discount novelty books from Chapters that were donated to the hostel library. It's about an elderly Sherlock Holmes solving a mystery about a missing parrot belonging to a mute Jewish refugee boy during World War 2. I really enjoyed it, and have another Chabon novel on the way from the library.


robyn. said...

i just finished this book and i really enjoyed it! thanks for the idea.

maybe i'm being a bit thick or maybe because i finished it late last night...but i don't fully understand how the old man went from 'leg ov red' to showing up at the correct flat.

i fully enjoyed the chapter from the perspective of bruno.

Lydia said...

My lack of short-term memory prevents me from remembering the details, but I think it had something to do with the boy writing backwards and what not. I didn't really get the ending. "The adventures of Kavalier and Clay" is next.