March 25, 2009

I Like You, by Amy Sedaris

I wanted this book since it came out in 2006, and I finally got it. For my birthday. I'm kind of slow on the uptake sometimes. 

Anyway, I read it all. I always imagined it as a coffee table book that you flip through, and some guests have already done that, but I soon found myself reading it from front to back. It was awesome. I like pretty much anything a Sedaris does, but I was really impressed by how this book was both fun and functional. While I probably won't start charging initiation fees for my cake club, as she suggests, I plan on making her spanakopita recipe for our next meeting. There's so many good recipes in this book, I wanted to put it on my cookbook shelf. (I didn't.)

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brie said...

I love this book. I haven't actually read it, but maybe I should. I love what I've read while flipping through it. I've given it as a gift at least three times. My copy is autographed and meeting Amy Sedaris was one of the highlights of my nerdy life. In return for her autograph I gave her a recipe card with a recipe written on it. She was impressed with my printing.