April 5, 2009

After Dark, by Haruki Murakami

I feel kind of boring reading several books by the same author in a short time span, unless it's a series or I'm having a temporary fixation (i.e. Ian McEwan.) So I was a little hesitant about taking out this Murakami book, since I recently read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I don't know what I was being weird about, because I really liked this book. 

It's very short and surreal, and like McEwan's Saturday, also takes place in a short time-frame, in this case overnight. The story is sort of mystifying. I wouldn't mind having someone explain it to me. It's several short chapters about two sisters; one is sleeping and has been doing so for a very long time, and the other one is staying up all night, and meets some interesting characters while doing so. The sleeping sister goes through something pretty creepy that bends the rules of time and space. I preferred the awake sister's story line and the people she meets, particularly the friendly young jazz musician. It was also interesting just to read about the details of life in Tokyo, like parks full of stray cats and buying milk at 7-11.


robyn. said...

i have started this book and i am excited by the fact that i can lay in bed tomorrow and read it all day.

robyn. said...

well, i finished this book in record time. i wasn't expecting to get through it so quickly.

i too enjoyed the awake sister's story much more and occasionally felt tempted to skim the asleep sister's story, but i didn't.

i feel like there should be a sequel to read that answers all my questions of 'what happened to him, and where is she now and did he wait for her?' blah blah blah...

it was good. i find murakami to be an easy author to read (this statement is only based on reading 2 books).