May 1, 2009

The Manticore, by Robertson Davies

This is the second book in the Deptford Trilogy, which I mentioned in my last post, but it's not exactly a sequel. It does pick up right where Fifth Business left off, but this time the main character is someone who was barely mentioned in the first book. 

Almost the whole story is about this man's Jungian analysis in Zurich. David is the son of a main character from the first book, and we go over some plot from Fifth Business, but from his point of view. I thought it sounded dull at first, but I got pretty into it. 

At the very end, David's analysis ends and he meets up with a few characters from the first book, which I didn't love. I think a world-famous magician and a stunningly ugly but stylish 'ogress' are jarring changes from Canadian lawyers and schoolmasters. The third book is supposed to be all about the magician, so I'm going to work on my other library books (4 holds in at once, eek!) before picking it up.

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