August 4, 2009

Mind the gap

I realize there was almost a month between my last 2 posts, but I was still reading. Just nothing I felt was worth blogging about.

In July I re-read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in preparation for the film coming out. That actually took me awhile, because instead of whipping through it like I did the first time, I took my time to soak in the details. I'm glad I did, because the movie left so much out, and I'd forgotten a lot.

I also read magazines: the new Bust, Canadian House & Home (which I'm just getting as a subscription substitute for Wish, which went out of business), and- wait for it- Martha Stewart Weddings. It was the DIY edition, you guys!

Anyway, I'm getting married on Sunday, so don't expect too much from me in the way of reading/blogging in the next little while.

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Erin said...

You're getting married on Sunday!