December 9, 2009

Juliet, Naked, by Nick Hornby

I love Nick Hornby, and this book didn't disappoint, although I disapproved of the use of American terms in a few places, such as "potato chips" instead of "crisps", which I thought might have been pandering to the larger market. That's neither here nor there though, because I loved this book. I had to wait a while to get it from the library, but not as long as I'll have to wait for the new Margaret Atwood (I'm still at least 200th in line for that.) Meanwhile, Kelly bought it for not one but two e-readers (long story). I'm not bitter.

Anyway, even if he didn't manage to slip in a mention of Arsenal, this is Hornby at top form. He doesn't often write from the point of view of a woman, but he knows what he's on about. I liked this a lot more than How to be Good, which also featured a woman as the main character. This book was cheery and loving, and although the main plot point probably wouldn't really happen in real life, it all feels very realistic and insightful. It's been a while since I read a book so quickly and with such enjoyment. Hurrah!


kelli ann said...

i agree w your review of Juliet, Naked. I was a great read to start off the new year! and (duh) i never even thought twice about his writing from a woman's point of view. he's just so effective. and it was kind of fun to see people's reactions to the book's title. like they were wondering what kind of smut i was reading (and not trying to hide).

Lydia said...

That's funny, I never thought of the title as being controversial. I felt very satisfied every time I looked at the jacket, it was beautifully designed.