January 31, 2010

Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn

I read it in one day. Take that, unreasonably large amount of library holds that came in all at once.

This is the first novel by Gillian Flynn, whose book Dark Places I wrote about recently. It has a lengthy blurb by Stephen King on the back, which sheds more light on the book than the confusing inside jacket. It's a heart-wrenching thriller about the murders of 2 young girls in a small town, which are being investigated by a reporter who was originally from the town. She has a dark past of her own, involving an unhealthy relationship with the sharp objects of the title.

Finding out whodunit made for an engaging and quick read. I heartily recommend this book.

Sharp Objects

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brie said...

Too many good sounding books!!! I'm going to have a heck of a time picking and choosing from my home library shelf things to bring to Geneva. Your recommendations and reviews are just complicating this process!!!