April 5, 2010

Cleaving, by Julie Powell

I hate putting off writing about a book, because now I'm well into my next book, and my feelings about this one have faded. But I did feel strongly about Cleaving at the time.

I have neither read nor seen Julie & Julia, and although I still want to see the movie, I doubt I'll be reading the book. The thing is, I don't like Julie Powell. Besides her affinity for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we don't have much in common. This book is about her foray into the world of butchery, which was really interesting. It's also about her unrepentantly cheating on her husband, which was extremely irritating. I kept on wondering how her husband didn't leave her. She was just so not sorry about being in love with this other guy- and then she thanks her husband and her lover in the same breath at the end! At least she admitted that her actions were selfish and immature. But I'd really had it with her whining and moping.

Also, the traveling to explore global butchery at the end of the book was really random. She couldn't think of any more metaphors comparing cutting up meat to the dissolution of a marriage? I guess she was too heavy-handed with them at the beginning.

Instant edit: I wondered if I was possibly alone in my strong feelings about this book (and the author) sucking. I am not.

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