August 25, 2010

Elliot Allagash, by Simon Rich

I read Simon Rich's last book, Free Range Chickens, a while back. I wasn't sure of it at first, but the short stories grew on me until I realized I found them hilarious. I'm not so sure if this effort is going to grow on me.

This, his first novel, is a very small book. It's about an unimaginably rich kid who decides, for sport, to make the most unpopular kid at school into the coolest, using various complex schemes. CONSEQUENCES FOLLOW.

I was never inclined to quit reading the book, but I wasn't totally enamoured of it. It certainly wasn't hilarious. I give this one a "meh".

Side notes: It's already been optioned by Jason Reitman to turn it into a film. Also, how old is this kid, 12?

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brie said...

Disappointing to hear. I thought his first book was pretty funny, too. And, yeah, I remember thinking he was really young when I read his first book.