August 14, 2010

Hungry Monkey, by Matthew Amster-Burton

I heard about this book ages ago and requested it from the library, but it came in at the worst time possible, when I had something like 5 books out already and I think I was about to leave town for a week. So I had to return it. But when I started listening to the Spilled Milk podcast, which is co-hosted by Amster-Burton, I was reminded that I wanted to read his book and re-requested it. So glad I did. Even though I was a little taken aback by all the cover blurbs from parenting magazines, having a child is really not a pre-requisite to reading this. It's a very funny book about teaching his child not to be a picky eater. Besides being full of cute stories about his daughter Iris, it's full of really delicious recipes. I dogeared most of them and hope to find them online.

I also appreciate the foodie love he gave to Vancouver. I never knew what was up with the "robots make sushi" sign at the library, and I really have to eat at Rangoli. Also, Kelly's been trying to convince me to go to Blue C Sushi every time we go to University Village in Seattle, and now that I've read Amster-Burton's description of it, I am looking forward to agreeing to go next time.

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brie said...

I've been enjoying him on the podcast and have just "discovered" his blog. I'll have to see if I can find this used to bring back to Geneva with me when I'm back home in the Fall.