August 2, 2010

Medium Raw, by Anthony Bourdain

I was pretty disappointed by this book. I really enjoyed Kitchen Confidential, and I'm a big fan of Bourdain himself- I enjoy his TV show, No Reservations, and the blog posts he writes for it. But Medium Raw felt kind of slapped together. The writing didn't seem to be his best work, and the chapters mostly had no connection to each other. And there was an over-gratuitous use of dashes and ellipses, which I understands sounds like he talks, but it wasn't even always grammatically correct.

On a personal level, I was offended that he said he hated his meal at Alinea, which is my top dream dining destination (wow, that sounds cheesy), and I thought that his suggestion that Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, deserved to die was crude and unnecessary.

The only part I can think of that I rather enjoyed was the chapter on how he's trying to poison his young daughter's mind against McDonald's. The rest was- just sort of...a waste of time.

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