December 14, 2011

Super Sad True Love Story, by Gary Shteyngart

I heard this guy interviewed on Q, and he and his book sounded so interesting I requested it straightaway, after some Googling to figure out what his last name was. Since then, I've read that this is his third book, but his first that is not straight-up humour. It's a humorous book, but mixed with quite a bit of seriousness.

"Super Sad True Love Story" takes place in a very near future, hints of which I am seeing all the time. Poor protestors camping out in a NYC park? That's in here. I just read an article suggesting you try out emoji instead of texting boring old words! In this book, people can actually get a degree in Images, which are now the preferred method of communicating. People despise books, preferring to immerse themselves in their apparati (ultra-smartphones). I've gotten a few unpunctuated emails clearly written on a phone (that doesn't make it okay!) that suggest we're headed that way.

This was a super interesting book that made me think a lot. I could probably go on about it all day. A definite win!

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