March 6, 2012

The Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson

I read this book on my husband's Kindle while on vacation last month. It all started because I packed a 900 page paperback for the trip, but it was too big to carry on the plane. The Kindle was just meant to tide me over, but the book was so good I couldn't stop. I finished it a little over halfway through the trip.

This is a story about the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, and about a serial killer who murdered quite a few people during said fair.  The two true stories are combined to make a fascinating read. The serial killer, Dr. H.H. Holmes, built a crazy hotel/castle with hidden rooms and a gas chamber. And the fair was extremely ambitious for the time. It seems so unrealistic that it ever got built.

Coincidentally, we had a layover at the Chicago airport, so I actually read part of this book in the city where it took place.

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