July 17, 2008

Trail of Crumbs, by Kim Sunee

This book made me hungry. Literally. My stomach grumbled.

I read about this memoir on a foodie website's list of recommended food-related books. It's a lot about food, but also about love and the search for home, hence the subtitle "Hunger, Love and the Search for Home." So apt!

Kim Sunee was found abandoned in a Korean marketplace at the age of 3 and adopted by a young couple from New Orleans, where she grew up. She moved to Europe for school, and after a failed romance in Stockholm, she ended up in a very serious long term relationship with the founder of fancy soap company L'Occitane. Ooh la la! They lived in Paris and Provence, and she became stepmother to his little girl. This lady is only ten years older than me, but she has seen and done about ten thousand times more than I have. She is also an excellent writer, and punctuates the book with mouth-watering recipes. I photocopied like half of them. 


Anonymous said...

This book made me hungry too but it also made me feel quite depressed. She was so sad and lost and lonely and just couldn't seem to find happiness even when surrounded with such good food and luxury.

Lydia said...

Yeah, it was pretty sad.