September 29, 2008

Reading Break

Not as in when you get a week off from school to study, but as in I am taking a self-imposed break from reading books. Why? Well, the book on my nightstand is a big ol' hardcover, so I'm not toting it around in my bag (and a lot of my reading gets done on the bus and on breaks at work.) And since that book was so big, I didn't bother to take it to Las Vegas. And I went to Las Vegas. And the book hasn't really captured my attention, so I'm in no hurry. And I have these 2 lovely word-filled magazines to get through. And I just started school. 

Excuses, excuses. I'll be back in a while. Wait for me?


brie said...

I have those magazines, too! So funny! We should start a book club...eventually. Not now. But maybe in December? Do you get a break from school?

Lydia said...

I do, but I might be going to Ontario. January at least, we should start one.

brie said...

Yes. January. We should wait for the next issue of Bust and then pick something from the book reviews! That would be fun and it would tie a whole bunch of common interests together.