October 9, 2008

I Was Told There'd Be Cake: Essays by Sloane Crosley

I loved this book, a set of essays by the woman who wrote the cover story for the worst selling issue of Maxim ever, as she wrote on the back cover. This wasn't the book I was dragging my heels on, which I mentioned in the last post. That one went back on the bookshelf for another day. This one came in from a library hold and was heartily enjoyed.

Sloane Crosley is a very relatable author. I too played Oregon Trail in my youth! I also have an uncommon first name which I like now but wished was more regular when I was a kid! What I haven't done is write entire essays about such things, and write them well. I especially enjoyed the story about how she had to be a bridesmaid for a woman she'd been friends with in high school but hadn't really spoken to since, "in an effort to mask (the bride's) apparent lack of sociability as an adult". OMG, I also don't have as many close girl friends now as I did in high school!

Anyway, you get the idea. I thought this book was really funny and thoughtful. Sort of a younger, female David Sedaris. Bust magazine's book reviews FTW!

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brie said...

I'll have to add it to my "to read" list because it sounds right up my alley.