June 15, 2009

Everything and More, by Geoff Nicholson

Oh dear. I posted this picture to a draft 8 days ago and have only just gotten around to writing about it. Why did I drag my heels so long? I did like the book.

I found this copy abandoned in the lobby of my work. I'd read Bleeding London, by the same author, a couple of years ago, so was pleased to see this. (Coincidentally, I just found Bleeding London in Kelly's bookcase. According to him I took it on our trip to Europe 2 years ago. Too bad it wasn't my copy.)

Nicholson is described as a satirist, quirky, and someone who writes black humour, all of which can be seen in this book about life in a massive London department store, sort of a Harrod's++. Everything and More moves quickly and smartly. I found it very amusing. I'll be looking up more of Nicholson's work.

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