June 6, 2009

French Milk, by Lucy Knisley

Brie recommended this book to me, and she was quite right in thinking I'd like it. It's like a diary in graphic novel form, with some photographs thrown in for mixed-media fun. The diary is of a 6-week trip the author took to Paris with her mother, and one of her primary interests is the food, detailing what everyone had at every meal. I loved hearing about the heavy winter bistro meals, and the picnic suppers from the markets. My main problem was that she called the macarons she got at Pierre Herme and Laduree 'cookies'. Cookies?! Even Chuck Bass can't get their name right.

She also documented every book she read, and one of them was Perfume, one of my last reviews. She didn't mention whether or not she liked it, but when the movie based on it happened to be playing (in V.O., version originale, she noted), she went to see it. She seemed to think it was just okay, but her friend despised it.

Another book by someone younger than me. Where's my book deal? I don't actually have an idea yet, I just want one.

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