March 24, 2010

Extreme Vinyl Cafe, by Stuart McLean

I started this on the plane to Iceland, and finished it our first night in Reykjavik, when jet lag awoke me at 5 am. It was a pretty quick read, and I'm sorry to say, not the most satisfying one. Now, I'm quite a Stuart McLean fan, but this was nowhere near as funny as his earlier Vinyl Cafe books. Maybe it had something to do with the feeling that I'd already read most of them before, although it would seem that I'd just happened to have heard most of them on the radio show. But I have happily reread or re-listened to his stories before, and the trials of Dave and Morley usually crack me up. I remember reading once about Dave in his hotel room with a duck, and I was literally shaking with silent laughter as I tried to hold it in, since I was on a bus and all. 

If you've never read any Vinyl Cafe stories before, I would suggest starting with an earlier collection. There's nothing extreme about this one. *sad trombone*

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