March 4, 2010

Born Round, by Frank Bruni

I had no expectations from this book, which might have made me even more pleased with it. This was a great book. Until recently, Frank Bruni was the food critic at the New York Times, one of the most prestigious food journalism (or dare I say just journalism) jobs going. Which might make people surprised to learn that he's dealt with an addiction to food his entire life. He's struggled with bulimia and fad diets and undereating and massively overeating. As someone who has trouble with overeating myself, I found his story very interesting. I can't imagine ever hiding myself away from friends because I felt too fat to be loved. Yet he did this over and over again.

How he overcame his problems with food to become healthy and sane is so interesting to read. There's also the story of his loving and large Italian-American family, who are so closely connected with eating, and his enviable career in journalism. The book takes a humorous turn at the end when he recounts some stories of working as a food critic, much like the Ruth Reichl book I read a while back. I'm very interested to see what he does next at the Times and beyond.

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