February 10, 2011

Beyond the Horizon, by Colin Angus

This book was really good. I read most of it in one night, and found it hard to put down. Colin Angus is an adventurer who tells his story of being the first person to circumnavigate the world solely under human power. Even better, he tells it well. I've had the misfortune of trying to struggle through a few badly written books lately, and I was concerned this might follow suit- this guy can hike, bicycle and row across the world, surely he doesn't have writing skills as well. But he does! Thank goodness.

This story has love (his fiancee joins him halfway through the voyage), conflict (his first travel partner TOTALLY SCREWED HIM), danger (hurricanes, emergency surgery), a laudable eco-conscience, and more. The author lives in Vancouver, so I hope to see one of his travel talks one day.

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