February 3, 2011

Why I can't read Nazneen Sheikh

For every book I write about on this blog, there is usually one other book that I have given up on. This has been the case with not one but two of Nazneen Sheikh's books. The first one was a food memoir called Tea and Pomegranates that I thought sounded good. It wasn't. It was flowery and overwrought. The second one was called Moon over Marrakech, which I heard about in the travel section of the Globe and Mail and I thought might be a good book about the frustrations and pleasures of travelling in Morocco. I didn't recognize the author's name at the time, but when I picked it up from the library and saw what she had previously written, I sighed in anticipation of what was to come.

I was not wrong. I gave this one more of a chance, but eventually the self-obsessed drama and pretentious grandeur of her writing made me give it up. Here is an interview with the author that will give you a fantastic idea of what her books are like without having to pick one up.

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