June 10, 2011

The Road, by Cormac McCarthy

I had no idea how old this book was or what it was about. Had I been pressed, I would have guessed it was written in the 50s and maybe was like The Grapes of Wrath?  Last month I was told it was actually a post-apocalyptic novel, which I'm into, so I got it from the library, and that's when I found out it was just published in 2006. I'm pretty clueless about Cormac McCarthy, obvs.

So this was a great book and I read it super quickly. It's hard to pick a place to stop because although it's divided into sections, there are no chapters. It just flows and flows. It's pretty much the darkest and most hopeless vision of a post-apocalyptic world that I've ever read. I think the decision not to say what happened to make the world like that was a good one, because instead of focusing on the disaster, you focus on the aftermath, which is really a stronger message. I want to watch the film now.

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