July 8, 2011

The Uncoupling, by Meg Wolitzer

This was a pretty good book. I devoured it over one weekend. It's about a small town in New Jersey where all the women magically decide to stop sleeping with men when the high school puts on a production of Lysistrata, an ancient Greek play about women not sleeping with men as an anti-war movement. There are comparisons to the war in Afghanistan, and a strong technology theme- I'm not sure if the author is anti- it or not though. She talks a lot about how kids today are just overloaded with information and glued to their screens, and basically a lot of stuff I agreed with, but she never really condemns it.

I enjoyed all the characters, whom she really brought to life, and the humorous, dramatic climax. I found the explanation at the end a bit of a letdown, but no matter. Good stuff here.

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